Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most asked questions.

Q. How come I don’t see Stretch The Silly Man advertised as a kids magician in NJ in any Yellow Pages or any Kids Magazines like other performers do?

Fortunately 99% of Stretch The Silly Mans current performing schedule is word of mouth and repeat clients. We did in the past, advertise in the same magazines and yellow pages but at this time my schedule is very busy with nearly all of my bookings coming from satisfied clients who have raved to others about the show.

Q. Can the magic show show be outdoors?

(COVID UPDATE- STRETCH IS AVAILABLE TO PERFORM OUTDOORS UNDER CURRENT CONDITIONS.) Stretch does perform outdoors but keep in mind we want to give you the best kids magic show possible and we know from experience that having a show outside is not the ideal place for a kids magic show. Having the show inside will give your audience the best experience possible but yes…Stretch does perform outside.

Q. How many children should I invite to the party?

We recommend at least 15 children for a kids magic show. All parties have invites that don’t show so this is the perfect number to start with. If you think you will have less than 10 kids let us suggest another activity when you call.

Q. What is the best age for the magic show?

4-10 seems to be the best age for Stretch’s show. If the children are all going to be older we suggest a Magic Work Shop, which is good for ages 10 and up.

Q. Should I feed the children after or before the show?

If possible, please position the show at the beginning of the party and feed the children afterwards. This will help make the flow of your party smoother.

Q. Say I schedule Stretch’s show at 11:00AM, what time should I have the children arrive?

Always allow at least a 15-minute window for the children to arrive, so we would suggest the party start at 10:30 or 10:45. Please do not book the show for the same time you tell the kids to arrive. Stretch has multiple shows each day and wants your children to have the full experience; however, he will need to finish on time.

Q. Can I videotape the show?

We ask that you please not videotape the entire show; however, we do encourage you to videotape the children’s faces during the show and the routines when your child is participating. Now that is priceless footage!

Q. Can I have the show in a restaurant?

If you are having the party in a restaurant here are tips to follow to get the best show possible:

1. Be sure to tell the owner you are bringing in entertainment

2. Try to find a restaurant with a private room. (the show is loud as the kids are encouraged to shout and participate during the show)

3. Let the wait staff know what time you are starting the show.

4. Ask them to provide a cleared area for the children to sit on the floor in front of the show area. The children can not be in chairs. (approximate size required is a 10 x 10 area)

5. Have the restaurant turn off any background music.

6. Ask the staff to lower the temperature in the room. (with the ovens and all the children the room will heat up quickly)

7. Access to an electrical outlet is required, please make sure the room is equipped with one.

Q. Why do the children need to sit on the floor?

The children sitting on the floor provides a more intimate experience, better control and they will be able to see better since they will be looking up and not trying to see through the persons head in front of them. Plus, they wont be so far away from the action since chairs take up a tremendous amount of space.

Q. I am having my party at home, where is the best place in my home to have the show?

Normally any room with an open space for the kids to sit on the floor works well. The fewer obstacles between them and the show the better. Remember to turn the air conditioning on even when its cool outside because inside the house the room will heat up quickly with lots of excited children.

Q. I was planning on providing noise makers for the kids, should I?

All kids love noise makers. With over 15 years under my belt I have seen many parents make the mistake of including them at a party. Imagine a house full of kids blaring their noise maker. It really does change the mood of the party for the adults who are attending will be a huge distraction during a show. It is not recommended for parties.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

In the event you cancel your reservation after securing your date in the schedule with a deposit your deposit will be held and applied to a future event booking.

Q. Why all this attention to detail?

Your child deserves the best experience possible for their special day. You’ve chosen in Stretch (a performer regarded by peers as one of the best in the country) a top pro who is dedicated to making your party not just good, but GREAT! Thank you for all these considerations now lets have a great party!


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