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Stretch The Silly Man Kids Comedy Magician

Stretch The Silly Man Kids Comedy Magician

Hi and thanks for stopping by! My name is Stretch and I started performing the Stretch The Silly Man Show during my last year in high school back in 1993. My interest in performing magic began when I was 11 years old and lived in Orange County NY. My father was a limo driver & found a book called the Klutz Book of Magic. It was this book that got me interested in performing magic tricks for my friends and family. I will never forget how terrible my first attempt at a so called magic show was! I think I was 12!

I fooled around with magic for a little while but with no magic shops near my home town to learn more I did not really start performing for live audiences until I was 17 years old when I moved to NJ. Shortly after my family moved to NJ is when I became close friends with the late Bruce Bray. He was regarded as one of the best magicians in NJ.

I performed for live audiences only part time while attending college until I was about 19 years old. Early in my career I was a busy birthday magician. Very soon after the show became very popular at birthday parties, preschools, elementary schools and other events throughout New Jersey so I decided to become a full time performer and take the show all over the North East. At the time my goal was to become known as the best magician NJ event planners could trust and would want to invite to all their special events.

People assume that I am fascinated with magic but the truth is magic is not what interests me most about performing. I just use magic as part of my comedy show. What I do love and what really drives me is making kids and parents laugh so hard that they some times pee themselves! Yes I mean it…many kids pee them selves during the show!

I now live in Toms River in South Jersey. I plan to spend the rest of my life here with my beautiful family that includes a total of 6.5 children in this house! 3 girls, 3 boys and baby girl coming soon! 



Stretch The Silly Man Kids Magician
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